Covered from Head to Toe

Religion is a cloth that seldom fits the over sized. Then others take it upon them, the task of  stretching the sleeves- all to protect the shabby tailor, his holy needle and the measurements he messed up, while sewing patches over the heaven and the earth.

Others wear it like 3 piece suits and tweed jackets, dry clean it with gospel of intolerance. All this while they walk around, their fingers mummified and covered, their faces exuding the glow of providence- causing embarrassment to the shroud of turin.


Published by: flatlined84

A thinker outside the quarantine zone. The words on this blog will assault your senses, would make you curse in the holy name of Bard. If that's not enough, leave a piece of your mind in the comments section- the writer is on the dole and is always hungry.

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