Miles To Go Before I See

It must have been more than a decade for you since you joined the blind walk. We blind walkers share a common understanding; a pact signed with the ink of indifference. We traipse on the known alleys and unexplored cracks; we defend our festive spirit, watch a friend get groped and stripped off many new years, we just march. When we are not feeding our shoes or trying to swallow an iron rod; we let the glue dry and eyelids flutter, and then we apply our lives to the alpha-numeric mirror.

A long time ago, during one of my blind walks, vision sneaked in through the crevice of cataract. The burning rubber would have crushed the kitten; the light was too much to take. But, I stopped to get trapped in a photo frame for good.The ambulance sprinted through the condensed air, vehicles barked at the red light, a sudden squeezing of brakes left blood marks on the bus’s pillar and two hands on the road gazed upwards and prayed. Did they shame my infidel soul into belief? It’s hard for the mind to fathom the plight of that silent prayer but I knew something was glowing deep inside the well; humanity still has a shot left if these pitchers irrigate.

I was transfixed by this unusual sight; extraordinary like the gift of telekinesis, lingering in a hopeless paraplegic. A little girl, seeking solace for a stranger, unaffected by urban mayhem; trying to push the stretcher with all her might, trying to shake the recalcitrant trunk with the air in her mouth. That moment in time could have made a shutterbug slobber; it could have given a philosopher, a yet another reason to throw and fetch the ball from the bush, but it made the writer in me turn supine. A word of caution for all first time users- Exercise self restraint while administering humility, just a pinch, not an ounce more. (over purification of blood can even cause terminal moral illness.)

I snapped out of it; felt more emaciated by this visual feast, ran for the famous Kentucky calorie cover and there I was, back in the prominent alternate reality, putting the “accidental me” behind with a satisfactory burp.


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